Western Pressure Controls offers top-of-the-line wireline and downhole equipment to suit all your individual needs. Since 1972, we have proudly served the national and international wireline community, providing unique, reliable, and durable products. If you are in need of crossover or tubing tools, Western Pressure Controls has the products you are looking for. Here is everything you need to know about our top-quality crossover and tubing tools:


Crossovers are connected to form a complete string. At Western Pressure Controls, our crossover tools are available in three formats: pin by pin, box by box, and pin by box. Most of our common threads include:

  • API Regular
  • Internal Flush (I.F.)
  • P.T. (National Pipe Thread)
  • Line Pipe
  • EUE and NUE
  • ACME
  • Macaroni Thread (M.T)

Coupling Re-Entry Guides

These are usually the first items in the wireline “hole,” and guide the casing towards its centre. The re-entry guides minimize issues associated with hitting washouts or rock ledges in the wellbore as the casing is being lowered into the well. At Western Pressure Controls, the size and style of threaded coupling can be requested by the customer. Here are a few styles we offer:

Coupling Re-Entry Guide. With removed interior material on the threads and wall, this tool gives a low-profile edge tapered to the base of the thread.

Half Mule Shoe. With this style, the coupling has been cut away from the centre at an angle of 45 degrees. Other angles and full mule shoe styles are also available.

Saw Tooth. The saw tooth model has been cut into the bottom of the coupling to break up debris in the well.

At Western Pressure Controls, we offer reliable and safe crossover and tubing equipment for those in the downhole community, both nationally and internationally. To learn more about our tools, or to talk with our knowledgeable staff, contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you.