Testing Equipment

Safety is of the utmost importance on gas and oilfield sites, and that includes the safety of your tubing. Testing equipment enables you to monitor the quality and condition of your wellbore tubing to ensure everything meets the necessary safety and quality standards. You'll be able to identify any holes, cracks or other damage in your tubing and tubing collars so that it can be repaired or replaced right away. 

To use testing equipment, you'll first run it down the wireline, anchoring it with spang jars as needed. Next, fill the downhole with water. The equipment will then maintain pressure within the hole for the duration of the testing process. Your testing equipment technician can evaluate the pressure readings to determine any weak areas where pressure may be escaping.

After locating the damaged areas, you can repair them, often saving the need for replacing the damaged tubing. Completing simple repairs rather than full replacements can save your oil or gas business a lot of money over the years, so regular testing is in your best interest. Once testing is complete, you can remove the tool string, leaving the testing equipment behind for future use.