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Specializing In Pressure Control Equipment, Wireline Tools, Downhole Retrievable Plugs & Manufacturing

Western Pressure Controls is a well established, manufacturer of top quality wireline tools proudly made in Canada.

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Western Pressure Controls manufactures, Rents and Services a complete line of wireline tools and products. Contact our order desk @ 780-437-3615 to get a quote on quality wireline tools, daily rental rates or custom machining rates

Western Pressure Controls

Western Pressure Controls
Wireline Tool Sales & Manufacturing
Contact our order desk to get a quote on quality wireline tools,
daily rental rates or custom CNC machine work
Oilfield Tools & Custom Machining
Canada (Edmonton, Alberta)

We Design & Build oilfield equipment

Western Pressure Controls Ltd. is an Edmonton CNC machine shop that manufactures a variety of custom oilfield tools in support of Alberta oil and the Global wireline industry. Our product line of downhole wireline tools, downhole plugs, surface pressure control, blow out preventers (BOP’s) and sheaves to guide wireline into wellbore while under pressure safely and reliably.

WPC has been supporting its customer’s loyally with innovation, technology, training and customer service since the 1970s.

Our focus is on providing quality products, fast turnarounds, prompt deliveries and complete customer satisfaction. We design and build a multitude of amazing products for our clients. Serving both custom prototyping, specific application and our product line of wireline tooling available and in stock year around.

Our Primary Focus

To provide; robust quality oilfield tools built to be strong, reliable and as dependable we can possibly be achieved with top quality materials and craftsmanship, providing our customers with a quality that better serves their needs when it really counts in the field with durable, reliable, quality tools & service available 24/7. Western Pressure Controls has tooled over 100 Wireline units with continuing support to maintain and improve its product line daily, as we strive for excellence of the wireline industry. We value our customers and their input to enhance & enable us to broaden our views, services, abilities, education and experience helping us to continue evolving in the market.

We offer CNC Machining solutions

Our innovative approaches, processes, design & prototyping abilities set us apart from other oilfield tool manufacturers as we have the ability to custom build working prototypes of your product idea in as little as 3-5 days. Our systems and processes have proven essential to our clients in the development, testing and function of their product ideas to quickly build at low cost and proofed in application prior to putting the product into potentially expensive production failure.

Our production methods both eliminate the risk of costly mistakes, downtime, and unforeseen errors or conflict of design while maintaining the ability for adaptations or revisions previously not considered or overseen in the primary development phases.

We are a precision machine shop willing to take on any project. The sectors that we have serviced; include medical equipment, automotive, recreation, oilfield equipment, public works, custom machining, injection moulds, etc…

Western Pressure Controls
Wireline Tool Sales & Manufacturing
Contact our order desk to get a quote on quality wireline tools, 
daily rental rates or custom machining rates
Oilfield Tools & Manufacturing
Canada (Edmonton, Alberta)

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours? buy dnp

Our regular hours are from 8-5 Monday-Friday. We have after hour’s call-ins for parts available in stock. *Custom machining after hours can be arranged with minimal notice

What would it cost? casino malaysia

Many factors are in play when quoting, we look at the type of material and related costs such as machinability, project complexity, quantity required, tolerances and final finish requirements, setup, machining time, time required to complete the project.

Other considerations include the quality triangle standard: Fast, Quality, or Cheap… Choose 2 to determine method of approach

How long will it take to make my parts? online casino singapore

We are able to provide very quick turnarounds when required, due to our relatively small size and experienced staff, enabling us to effectively transition through operations & setups to meet our customer’s deadline.

We are a small family owned and orientated oilfield tool business providing integrity, loyalty and transparency to our customers and suppliers for over 30 years. Our strong values, precision, quality, and performance have remained at the highest level continuously evolving to meet and exceed industry standards.

We have earned a high degree of respect in the community through the value we have provided our clients. We are loyal to our customers and are price competitive. We provide quality and value to any business or industry requiring precision craftsmanship and innovative machining approaches.

“we have valuable manufacturing solutions for our customers”

Oilfield Tools we specialize in:

  • Wireline Valve (BOP) viagra malaysia 
  • Lubricator / Pump-in / Bleed-off
  • Tubing Perforator buy sibutramine online
  • Sheaves / Hay Pulley / Stuffing box
  • Otis style / Baker style
  • Pack-off Equipment / Tubing plugs / Tubing choke / Standing Valve
  • Tool String / Ropesocket / Weight bar / Spang Jar
  • B.H.P. Equipment (Bottom Hole Pressure)
  • Oilfield Fishing Tools / Recovery Tools
  • Sand Bailers / Tubing Bailers / Hydrostatic Bailers
  • Locking Mandrels / Plug Assemblies
  • Flanges, Wellhead / Oilfield Completion
  • Wireline Retrieval Tools / Wireline pulling tools
  • Running Tools / Wireline Release Tools
  • Oilfield testing equipment / Pressure Test tools
  • Tubing crossovers / Couplings / Flanges
  • Shifting Tools

Western Pressure Controls
Oilfield Tools & Manufacturing
Contact our order desk to get a quote on quality wireline tools, 
daily rental rates or custom CNC machining
Top Quality Wireline Tools
Canada (Edmonton, Alberta)