Western Pressure controls 2005 LTD Tools Catalog

Crossovers & Tubing Tools




Crossovers are used in the wireline industry in many various applications and available in many configurations to suit; Commonly used to connect mismatched pin to box tool configurations by providing a crossover with suitable size and thread specification for tools to be attached.


Most commonly ordered include:

API Regular, Internal Flush (I.F.), N.P.T. (National Pipe Thread), Line Pipe, EUE, NUE, ACME, (M.T), UNC

Coupling Re-Entry Guides

Coupling Re-Entry Guides


Tubing couplers and Re-Entry guides are used to connect tubing joints together in the gas/oil well, Re-entry guides are the first coupling of the tubing string to enter the well and provide a guide the tubing as it is lowered into the earth
Size, thread spec, type of re-entry guide and coupling to be requested by customer

Re-entry guide:

 Provides protection of threads of first tubing joint to enter well, giving a low profile edge that’s tapered to the base of the thread allowing wireline tools to Re-Enter the tubing without breaking line, if wireline applications are required out/below the tubing. Enabling the wireline & tools to be brought back to surface safely.  

Half Mule Shoe:

Coupling has been cut away from center at an angle of 45 degrees (other angles and full Mule Shoes are also available)

Saw Tooth:
A saw tooth profile has been cut into the bottom of the coupling to break up debris in the well