Wireline Operations – Wireline Surface Equipment

Wireline Operations – Wireline Surface Equipment

2019 Apr 2nd

Wireline Surface Equipment


To accommodate the entry and removal of wireline wire and wireline tools conveyed inside the oil/gas well. To contain and control fluids and pressures within the well while wireline work is been conducted

Wireline surface equipment used to preform well operations consists of:

Wireline Valve – Blow Out Preventer (BOP) can be opened or closed to contain pressure within wellhead

Wellhead Swedge – Threaded Connection to attach surface equipment to wellhead

Lubricator – High pressure tubes designed to receive “downhole” wireline tools while containing pressure within wellhead

Quick Unions – Type of union used to fasten 2 or more components with using only hands (no tools required to separate)

Stuffing Box – Wire is fed through stuffing box guide, then is attached to lubricator allowing wire to be attached, then tools can be lowered into wellhead, stuffing box is designed to contain the pressure within to be wellhead while operations are underway

Wireline Sheave (Hay Pulley) – Wheel assembly that is designed to guide wireline and allow it to travel in/out of wellhead freely through surface equipment mentioned. Furthermore, this allows the downhole wireline tools into wellbore (Sub-surface) to preform required operations.