The Importance of Wireline Services and Wireline Tools

The Importance of Wireline Services and Wireline Tools

2018 Mar 23rd

Wireline is a multiline cable or a high tensile single strand line (slickline) used to suspend (transport) downhole tools and sensors into oil or gas wells. The benefit of using wireline is that it almost always delivers excellent results on the spot and allows for electricity and data to be transferred between the surface and the equipment in the well. WPC manufactures tools to be use with wireline; including Rope Sockets to connect, tool string, wireline fishing,shifting, running and pulling tools, etc.


It’s important to keep your equipment serviced and well maintained especially when you’re using it to fish objects or debris that doesn’t belong in the well. Wireline is used for a extremely great number applications, by using the proper maintenance procedures you will prolong the tools life reliability and durability

Residual fluids, mud and sediment will affect the wireline whether it’s been used in a dry well or wet well; the line should be greased and protected from the corrosion prior to being stored for long periods. Kinks, extreme bending, over pulling above recommended load fatigue and damage the line, reducing strength of line particularly when used in wells consisting of H2S and Co2

Storing wireline in a dry and safe place does not ensure its good condition. It can deteriorate, so it must be thoroughly checked on a regular basis, which includes unspooling. If consistent checks are not performed you could end up losing a costly purchase; since wireline is made from a high alloy steel compounds and designed for its specialized tasks.

Stuffing box packing is a item that contains well pressures in wellbore and helps clean well fluids from the wireline as it passes through the stuff box packing as the line is reeled in and out of wellbore. It is necessary to clean off the wireline again and grease it; if you’re on your final run and are expecting not to use to line or are considering storage though it a good habit even if are still using it.

The Oil and Gas Industry’s 3 Sectors

The oil and gas industry; a global powerhouse that produces billions of dollars is broken into three areas: upstream, midstream and downstream. Wireline tools are only used for the industry’s upstream area; also known as the (exploration and production) sector of the petroleum chain, generally to drill old wells or create new ones. Wireline services assist in these operations by (i.e. blasting holes in tubing, setting plugs, locating fluid levels or bailing out debris.

Wireline services, tools and equipment endure some of these types of tasks:

  • Perforating to facilitate circulation to the annulus
  • Recovering objects or setting objects into bore
  • Locating fluid level, plugging wells and scraping debris
  • Evaluating formation pressures and downhole temperatures

Top Quality – Wireline Tools

The tools manufactured by WPC are essential in maintaining wells and providing an array of access and service to gas and oil industry. While we offer specialty tools for your wireline needs, we also perform other services, such as custom machining. For over 45 years in Edmonton, we’ve been working on improving industry standards. If you want more information about our wireline tools, see our products page, or contact our sales team for a quote.