The Best Fishing Tools from Western Pressure Control

The Best Fishing Tools from Western Pressure Control

2017 Aug 1st

Fishing tools are essential to the efficiency of any wireline worksite. Fishing tools can be used for diagnostic purposes, to recover lost equipment, or to clear debris. At Western Pleasure Control, we’re committed to providing our customers with the highest quality and most innovative wireline products available on the market today, which is why we offer a number of fishing tools and equipment to better serve you. Here is some more information about the best fishing tools available from Western Pressure Control.


The A-Spears from Western Pressure Control are designed to be able to recover tools and equipment with broken or damaged fish necks by using a series of hooked teeth to latch onto and pull tools out of harm’s way. Available in three different shaft sizes, our A-Spears are the perfect fishing tool no matter what dimensions you’re working within.

4 Finger Positive Catch w/ Short Catch Core

When fish necks have been damaged due to obstruction, debris or heavy jarring, this tool can be used to fish them out of your wireline with ease. This tool has an extended mandrel to offer precision in difficult situations.

Wire Finder and Wire Grab

The wire finder and wire grab tools from Western Pressure Control can be used to retrieve and repair wirelines in the instance that they fall down a well. The wire finder is used to locate and ball up broken wireline, and then the wire grab can be used to pull out that broken piece of wireline to ensure safety and efficiency. Available in a number of sizes, these tools are perfect for quickly correcting any broken wireline issues.

At Western Pressure Control, we recognize that time is of the essence when it comes to broken or damaged wirelines, which is why we offer a series of innovative fishing tools to retrieve and repair damage wirelines. For more information about our fishing tools and other wireline products, contact us today at Western Pressure Control.