Locking Mandrels from Western Pressure Controls

Locking Mandrels from Western Pressure Controls

2017 Oct 20th

Locking mandrels, or locks, play a key role when it comes to downhole equipment. Locking mandrels are anchored within the tubing string and provide a setting point for equipment like chokes, valves, or plugs.

Western Pressure Controls offers a wide variety of locking mandrels incredibly useful to the industry, in both Baker and Otis-styles.

Here is a comprehensive list of the tools we offer:



Designed to be run on a C-1 running tool, this type of lock has dogs that prevent upward or downward movement. This product is available in sizes for 1.50” to 3.5”. It is available with “T” keys for use in collars.

W & Z Locks

This is a selective lock that prevents upward movement with a set of dogs. The “W” lock downward movement is prevented by a no-go on the lock body. Similarly, the “Z” lock downward movement is prevented by a no-go on the equalizing assembly. These tools are available for H2S service and with “T” keys for use in collars.



The type D lock mandrel is used to land and lock in an API tubing collar, and to seal it at set positions to maintain a pressure differential from above and below. The sealing element is mechanically locked in the collar and can be used in conjunction with pump thru valves, standing valves, or choke assemblies. The standard D lock configuration is equipped with a knockout kobes to equalize pressure differentials previous to pulling. Specifications are available upon request.


This tool is designed to lock into an “N” nipple of its corresponding size. This tool can be set to hold pressure from above or below in one run. Specifications are available if needed.


This tool is used to selectively set in any type “R” landing nipple of the same size, and is available in R and RN profiles. Packing mandrels have a metal to metal seal and are available in sizes 2.563” or larger.


X-locks are used to set in any type X landing nipple or XN of the same size, and are available with the interference mandrel upon request. This tool is available in various metals, including L-80, Stainless Steel, 13Cr and Incoloy. For more information on pricing and availability, contact us at Western Pressure Control.

At Western Pressure Control, we serve wireline communities around the world. If you have any further questions about our locking mandrel products, or would like to request a product, get in touch today. Our professionals are happy to help.