Get the Latest Testing Equipment from Western Pressure Control

Get the Latest Testing Equipment from Western Pressure Control

2017 Jul 28th

Regular testing is essential to keeping your wireline worksite as safe as possible for operators and any other oil and gas workers. Western Pressure Control offer the latest and most reliable in wireline testing equipment so you can ensure that your worksite is functioning to the highest standards of safety. Here is some more information about the wireline testing equipment available today from Western Pressure Control.

AW Test Tool

The purpose of this tool is to plug off the tubing bore from one direction to ensure its proper functioning. This will help prevent any accidental leaks or accidents in your wireline.

WPC Test Tool

Similar to the AW Test tool, this piece of testing equipment is designed to plug off the tubing bore from above. Including a number of backup rings and other parts, this testing tool can be configured as needed to suit the particular dimensions of your tubing bore.

XO Test Tool

The XO Test Tool from Western Pressure Control is designed to test the pressure of the tubing on which its set. Designed for high pressure environments, this tool hold pressure from above to detect leaks or set hydraulic packers.

RB-2 Check Valve

The RB-2 Check Valve was created to plug tubing to retain fluid from above. This prevents fluid from being absorbed back into the wellbore.

WJ Test Tool with Instrument Hanger

The purpose of the WJ Test Tool is to retain fluid above whatever position it’s set into above the wellbore. It is also available with an equalizing spear for jar up pulling tools.

Safety is paramount to the successful operation of any wireline worksite. For the most optimal safety possible, constant testing is required. Western Pressure Control makes workplace wireline testing easier and more accurate than ever before with our line of innovative testing equipment. For more information about our catalogue of the latest wireline equipment, contact us today at Western Pressure Control.