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The Importance of Wireline and Wireline Tools

Wireline is a cable used to transport downhole tools and sensors. The benefit of using wireline is that it almost always delivers results on the spot and allows for electricity and data to be transferred between the surface and the equipment in the well. Western Pressure Controls manufactures tools to use with wireline, including fishing, shifting, and pulling tools.


It’s important to keep your equipment clean, especially when you’re using it to fish out objects that don’t belong in the well. Wireline is used for a myriad of tests, so by using the proper cleaning procedures before, during, and after use, you will prolong its life and durability.

Residual fluids, mud, and sediment will affect the wireline whether it’s been used in a dry well or a wet one. It should be greased and protected from the weather with Densyl tape when the wireline is in use, particularly on a winch.

Storing wireline in a dry and safe place does not ensure its good condition. It can deteriorate, so it must be thoroughly checked on a regular basis, which includes unspooling it. If consistent checks are not performed, you could end up losing a costly purchase since wireline is made from a high alloy geared for its specialized tasks.

Stuffing box packing, a tool that contains well pressure, helps clean off well fluids from the wireline as it passes through the stuff box packing. It is still necessary, however, to clean off the wireline again and to grease it if you are still using it.

The Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry, a global powerhouse that produces billions of dollars, is broken into three areas: upstream, midstream, and downstream. Wireline tools are only used for the industry’s upstream area (also known as the exploration and production sector of the petroleum chain) to drill in old wells or to create new ones. Wireline tools assist workers in recovering oil and gas.

Wireline tools and equipment endure some of these types of tasks:

  • Perforating to facilitate circulation to the annulus
  • Recovering unwanted objects or broken pipes
  • Locating free space when pipes are stuck
  • Evaluating pressure formation present in the well

Top-Quality Wireline Tools

The tools manufactured by Western Pressure Controls are essential in creating wells for access to gas and oil.     While we offer specialty tools for your wireline needs, we also perform other services, such as custom machining. For over 45 years in Edmonton, we’ve been working on improving industry standards. If you want more information about our wireline tools, see our products page, or contact our sales team for a quote.

Top-Quality Crossover and Tubing Tools from Western Pressure Controls

Western Pressure Controls offers top-of-the-line wireline and downhole equipment to suit all your individual needs. Since 1972, we have proudly served the national and international wireline community, providing unique, reliable, and durable products. If you are in need of crossover or tubing tools, Western Pressure Controls has the products you are looking for. Here is everything you need to know about our top-quality crossover and tubing tools:


Crossovers are connected to form a complete string. At Western Pressure Controls, our crossover tools are available in three formats: pin by pin, box by box, and pin by box. Most of our common threads include:

  • API Regular
  • Internal Flush (I.F.)
  • P.T. (National Pipe Thread)
  • Line Pipe
  • EUE and NUE
  • ACME
  • Macaroni Thread (M.T)

Coupling Re-Entry Guides

These are usually the first items in the wireline “hole,” and guide the casing towards its centre. The re-entry guides minimize issues associated with hitting washouts or rock ledges in the wellbore as the casing is being lowered into the well. At Western Pressure Controls, the size and style of threaded coupling can be requested by the customer. Here are a few styles we offer:

Coupling Re-Entry Guide. With removed interior material on the threads and wall, this tool gives a low-profile edge tapered to the base of the thread.

Half Mule Shoe. With this style, the coupling has been cut away from the centre at an angle of 45 degrees. Other angles and full mule shoe styles are also available.

Saw Tooth. The saw tooth model has been cut into the bottom of the coupling to break up debris in the well.

At Western Pressure Controls, we offer reliable and safe crossover and tubing equipment for those in the downhole community, both nationally and internationally. To learn more about our tools, or to talk with our knowledgeable staff, contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you.

What Are Wirelines and How Do They Work?


Wirelines, also known as slicklines, are used to perform a variety of maintenance services in oil and logging industries. Some of these services may include measuring well depth, retrieving and setting plugs or safety valves, closing and opening downhole circulating devices, and running and pulling flow control devices. From the top-tier wireline manufacturers at Western Pressure Controls, here’s everything you need to know about wirelines:

How Do Wirelines Work?

These electric cables consist of single or multi-strands and are used for formation evaluation operations, well interventions, and logging. Wireline tools help transmit useful data about the well to an above-ground system. These tools are used to measure the dimensions and sonic properties of the wellbore, and gather data crucial to safe and effective operation in the wellbore. At Western Pressure Controls, we provide a variety of top-quality tools for the national and international wireline community.

Which Wireline Tools are Available at Western Pressure Controls?

At Western Pressure Controls, we offer a variety of wireline tools and equipment to ensure both efficiency and safety:

  • shifting tools
  • surface equipment
  • BHP equipment
  • equalizing assemblies
  • fishing tools
  • packoff equipment
  • perforators
  • shifting tools
  • bailers
  • locking mandrels
  • completion equipment
  • pulling tools
  • running tools
  • tool string equipment
  • testing equipment
  • crossover and tubing tools

Why Choose Wireline Tools from Western Pressure Controls?

At Western Pressure Controls, we offer top-of-the-line products to clients around the world. With over 45 years in the business, we know what it takes to make a long-lasting and reliable product. Our customer support team is experienced in field application and manufacturing protocol, and are happy to answer any questions to help you build your business. For more information about our wireline tools, get in touch with our knowledgeable staff today. We look forward to helping you improve your business.





Reliable and Long-Lasting Packoff Equipment from Western Pressure Controls

 Western Pressure Controls offers top-notch packoff equipment, guaranteed to last. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, we serve the wireline community around the world, providing unique and durable products. With experience in both manufacturing protocol and field application, our customer support team has the expert knowledge to advise you on which packoff equipment best suits your individual needs.

What Is Packoff Equipment?

Packoff equipment consists of elastic and flexible housing and sealing elements used to seal irregular surfaces, like wirelines. Western Pressure Controls offers two kinds of packoff tools:


This tool is designed to isolate the well pressure and is primarily used in deteriorated or damaged tubing where a stand-alone or conventional plug cannot be used. The 1-1/2” tool uses locking segments rather than a shear pin.


Unlike other configurations, which are commonly used in conjunction with a bumper spring attached above, the “G” element of this tool has many applications. It is typically used for a plunger-lift style configuration, which allows the wireline to set and unset the bumper spring platform allowing the tool to be moved up and down the wellbore as production of fluid increases or decreases. The tool is available in several configurations upon request.

Packoff equipment is often used in harsh, testing environments. For this reason, it’s crucial all packoff tools are manufactured with only top-quality materials. At Western Pressure Controls, we provide long-lasting products you can trust. For more information about our packoff equipment, or to speak with one of our experts, contact us today.



Get the Best Shifting Tools from Western Pressure Controls

Since 1972, Western Pressure Controls has proudly served both the domestic and international wireline tool community. We are always excited to help customers create, design, and develop new innovations. When it comes to shifting tools, you can expect nothing but the best products from Western Pressure Controls.

What Are Shifting Tools?

Positioning or shifting tools are used to shift or close the position of flow circulation devices in the wellbore. Most shifting tools are prepared with a specific model of sliding sleeve.

Shifting Tools Are Offered at Western Pressure Controls


D2-Shifting Tool: The purpose of this tool is to shift “L” shaped sleeves in a controlled and selected manner. It should be run upright to open sleeves and in the inverted position to closed sleeves. For this tool to function effectively, the dimension from the bottom of the collet bump to the bottom of the retractor must be precise when assembled.


B-Shifting Tool: This tool opens and closes the sliding sleeve and shifts tubing release subs. It is available with an anti-shear ring to lock the tool in a running position, and in a Heavy-Duty B-shifting tool style. More information about this product is available upon request.

BO-Shifting Tool: The purpose of this tool is to selectively locate and shift sliding sleeves in the case of multiple SSDs in a wellbore. It is run into the wellbore past the desired sleeve and pulled up through the sleeve to engage the keys into the shift position. Specifications for this tool are available upon request.

X-Selective Shifting Tool: This tool is designed to shift any of the downhole sleeves in one direction without disturbing other sleeves in the wellbore. Specifications are available upon request.

The Benefits of Shifting Tools from Western Pressure Controls

  • Experienced customer support in field application and manufacturing protocol
  • Custom machining to suit individual customer specifications
  • Reliable products designed with top quality materials
  • Committed to building businesses and improving the industry standard

At Western Pressure Controls, we carry a complete line of wireline tools and products. For more information about shifting tools from Western Pressure Controls, get in touch with our staff today.

Top Quality Running Tools from Western Pressure Control

Western Pressure Controls is a leading national and international manufacturer of wireline tools and design. Our innovative downhole equipment products are designed with great care and precision, with the end goal of improving your business. We offer a variety of running tools made from only the strongest, most durable materials in many different styles.

First, what is Downhole Equipment?

Downhole tools are used to carry out well completion processes and to examine certain properties in the reservoir, like rock, liquid, and sand, by bringing out a sample above ground. These tools are especially reliable in harsh weather and high pressure conditions.

Downhole equipment can perform several operations, including fishing out any leftover tools from the well, measuring the depth of the well, repairing and performing cementing and well casing operations, and improving the flow of liquid.

Downhole Equipment Offered by Western Pressure Control

Otis Style

R-Line Running Tool

This service tool is used to run and set R and RN locking mandrels. Specifications are available on request.

X-Line Running Tool

Similar to the R-line running tool, this tool is used to run and set X and XN locking mandrels. Specifications are also available upon request.

Baker Style

C-1 Running Tools

This tool’s purpose is to run and set Baker-style W, Z, and S plugs and chokes into three designated profiles down the wellbore. Multiple No-Go ring diameters are available upon request.

Collar Stop Running Tools

This simple tool is comprised of only one piece and is used while running collar stops into position. Once the tubing collar is located at the required depth, this easy-to-locate tool is pulled upwards through the collar, then set down to engage the legs in the collar gap, and jarred down to release.

At Western Pressure Controls, we offer only the best quality running tools and other downhole equipment. For more information about our products, get in touch with our staff today.


Surface Equipment from Western Pressure Controls

At Western Pressure Controls, we offer a variety of surface equipment for the wireline community, both domestic and internationally. Here are some of the best surface equipment tools on the market from Western Pressure Controls:

Bleed Off/ Purge Sub

This tool is typically used at either the top joint of the lubricator as a Nitrogen sub to pressurize and eliminate the presence of dangerous or flammable gases contained in the lubricator, or as a bleed off sub at the bottom of the lubricator to bleed off gasses to the vessel or tank. This tool can take up to 5,000 psi working pressure, with single or dual ½” npt ports.

Night Cap/Lifting Cap

This tool is designed to secure the wellhead over night and gauge pressures, and used to lift surface equipment into place on the wellhead and other equipment that may not be easily accessed. This tool can withstand up to 5,000 psi working pressure, contains a ½” npt bleed port, and N.A.C.E. spec.

Pump-in Sub

The pump-in sub is used for injection of bleed-off fluids or pressure in a well. Part #2 of this tool can be modified to fit the customer’s specifications. This tool can withstand up to 5,000 psi working pressure, contains a ½” npt bleed port, N.A.C.E. spec, and 4 3/4” TPI connections.

3” Wireline Valve – Manual and Hydraulic

This tool is designed to equalize and isolate pressure to the lubricator with the wireline still connected to tools in the wellbore, allowing the operator to bleed off the lubricator without releasing well gases into the atmosphere and allowing access to the wireline contained in the lubricator. The standard coating for this tool is Teflon, and nickel coating is available upon request.

Line Oiler

This tool can be used to treat wireline and corrosion inhibitors to protect against H2S or CO2 corrosion. Inserts are available in brass, nylon, or aluminum bronze.


The lubricator houses the wireline toolstring and contains pressure during wireline operations. It is available in multiple lengths with bleed-off subs. This tool is available in multiple lengths with a bleed-off sub.

 10” and 16” Stuffing Boxes

These tools provide a guide to allow the wireline into the lubricator and into the well while maintaining the pressure. It is available with a manual tensioner instead of a hydraulic packoff above the packing.

Wellhead Heaves (Hay Pulley)

This tool redirects the wireline to the stuffing box sheave and provides a guide for the wireline. The 16” hay pulley is available with a quick release safety hook in place of the clevis upon request. It is pull-tested to meet and exceed industry standards.

Wellhead Swedges

These tools are designed to crossover wellhead surface equipment. It has multiple specifications and can withstand up to 5000 psi.

At Western Pressure Controls, we serve wireline communities around the world. If you have any further questions about our locking mandrel products, or would like to request a product, get in touch today. Our professionals are happy to help.



Locking Mandrels from Western Pressure Controls

Locking mandrels, or locks, play a key role when it comes to downhole equipment. Locking mandrels are anchored within the tubing string and provide a setting point for equipment like chokes, valves, or plugs.

Western Pressure Controls offers a wide variety of locking mandrels incredibly useful to the industry, in both Baker and Otis-styles.

Here is a comprehensive list of the tools we offer:



Designed to be run on a C-1 running tool, this type of lock has dogs that prevent upward or downward movement. This product is available in sizes for 1.50” to 3.5”. It is available with “T” keys for use in collars.

W & Z Locks

This is a selective lock that prevents upward movement with a set of dogs. The “W” lock downward movement is prevented by a no-go on the lock body. Similarly, the “Z” lock downward movement is prevented by a no-go on the equalizing assembly. These tools are available for H2S service and with “T” keys for use in collars.



The type D lock mandrel is used to land and lock in an API tubing collar, and to seal it at set positions to maintain a pressure differential from above and below. The sealing element is mechanically locked in the collar and can be used in conjunction with pump thru valves, standing valves, or choke assemblies. The standard D lock configuration is equipped with a knockout kobes to equalize pressure differentials previous to pulling. Specifications are available upon request.


This tool is designed to lock into an “N” nipple of its corresponding size. This tool can be set to hold pressure from above or below in one run. Specifications are available if needed.



This tool is used to selectively set in any type “R” landing nipple of the same size, and is available in R and RN profiles. Packing mandrels have a metal to metal seal and are available in sizes 2.563” or larger.


X-locks are used to set in any type X landing nipple or XN of the same size, and are available with the interference mandrel upon request. This tool is available in various metals, including L-80, Stainless Steel, 13Cr and Incoloy. For more information on pricing and availability, contact us at Western Pressure Control.

At Western Pressure Control, we serve wireline communities around the world. If you have any further questions about our locking mandrel products, or would like to request a product, get in touch today. Our professionals are happy to help.


Tool String Equipment from Western Pressure Controls

Tool strings are vital in the safety, maintenance, and success of wireline worksites. These tools are used to set, service, and pull downhole equipment. Western Pressure Controls offers a wide variety of tool string equipment incredibly useful to the industry.
Here is a comprehensive list of what we offer:

Centralizer: This tool is used to hold the tool string in the middle of the hole. Specifications are available upon request.

Chisel: This tool is used to break up cement, scale, hydrates, rubber, and other debris that may be in the way of the wellbore.

Broaches: Used to remove burrs and bumps in the tubing caused by perforations, rust, bent or crimped tubing, this tool is offered in pineapple and profile styles.

Knuckle Jars: This tool provides flexibility and light jarring in the wireline.

Knuckle Joint: No, this is not part of the human anatomy. Knuckle joints help provide angular movement between segments of the tool string.

Line Cutters—Cam Cutter: This tool is assembled around the line at the well surface and rides down the well on the line. It cuts the line once it reaches the stopped tooling.

Quick Connect: Without the use of threads, quick connects are fast and efficient to connect tools together.

Rope Socket: Available in wedge and sleeve, button and spool, slip and clamp styles, rope sockets are used to securely tie the wireline to the tool string.

Roller Stem: Use this tool in place of high density weight bars to improve horizontal movement.

Stem/Sinker Bar: This tool has two purposes: to deliver weight impact during tool operation, and to overcome well pressure in running tools down the wellbore.

Swab Bore: Available in slot style or ball check style, this tool is used to retrieve fluid from the wellbore.

Swedging Tool
The swedging tool is used to expand collapses or bends in tubing back to optimal operating size.

Swivel Joint: This tool allows the tool string to rotate without rotating the line or threaded connections.

Tube Jar: The tube jar has the same use as a spang jar, but is used when the spang jar is impractical. Shock absorbers are used to avoid a jarring motion when the tool string is pulled or lands abruptly on a surface.


Tubing Brush: This tool scrapes at the tubing wall or profile to remove unwanted dust and debris.

Tubing End Locator: As its name entails, this tool is used to locate the bottom of the tubing, and to take samples from the well.

Wax Knife Without Wires: Similar to the tubing brush, this tool is used to scrape at the tubing wall and remove unwanted debris and build up. It is available in three sizes: 0.750″, 1.000″, and 2.375″.

If you have any questions regarding these tools, we at Western Pressure Controls are happy to help. For more information regarding our services, contact us today.

The Best BHP Equipment from Western Pressure Controls

Western Pressure Controls provides some of the highest quality BHP Equipment on the market today. If you are in the wireline tool business, BHP equipment is crucial to your operation.

Here are some BHP accessories offered at Western Pressure Controls:


This tool is used to provide a protective housing against vibrations, fluids, and corrosive elements for downhole equipment. It is offered in the standard 60″ length although specific lengths and thread connections are available upon request. If required, the bullet nose can be replaced with a thread connection.

Collar Stops

This tool provides a solid footing and anchor in tubing. Its legs are held in place by the trip wires and released when jarred upwards. Jarring downwards will set the collar stop and release the running tool. This tool is wireline retrievable.

Hold Downs (No-Blows)

The purpose of this tool is to prevent the instrument carrier from being pushed up the well by a sudden burst of gas, fluid or debris. Cam pin #8 is sold on the assembly with cam #7.

J-Unlatching Tool

This tool is designed to set instrumentation into the well bore in conjunction with a WPC “J” unlatch head fishneck. This process is done at a pre-determined depth without having to jar to release.


Used in conjunction with the J-unlatch running tool, the J-head tool lands recording instrumentation and other equipment in the well using a shear-type running tool. This eliminates the need for jarring action to release equipment.

No-Go Darts

These flute darts are commonly used as platforms to set on profile nipples. Recorders and other instrumentation are then set on the platform. This tool is available in gauge-ring and non-threaded fishneck styles.

Tubing Stops

The tubing stop has numerous wireline applications. It can be used like a flute dart and serve as a platform for recorders and other instrumentation, or to secure equalizing equipment. These are also available with ratchet locking bodies to ensure no premature unsettling that might be caused by flow or vibration.

This tool is available in a ratchet-style locking body, or a BKO sleeve for baker-style lock bodies.

At Western Pressure Controls, we ensure the highest quality in wireline tools and equipment, both domestically and internationally. For more information, or to speak with a trusted professional, contact us today.