Wireline, also known as slickline is the line used to perform a variety of maintenance services in oil and logging industries. Some of these services may include measuring well depth, retrieving and setting plugs or safety valves, closing and opening downhole circulating devices, and running and pulling flow control devices. From the top-tier wireline manufacturers at Western Pressure Controls, here’s everything you need to know about wireline:

How Does Wireline Work?

These cables consist of single or multi-strands of line some use electrical currents and are used for formation evaluation operations, well interventions and logging. Wireline tools help transmit useful data about the well to an above-ground system. These tools are used to measure the dimensions, sonic properties of the wellbore and gather data crucial to maintaining efficient, effective operation of gas or oil well.

At Western Pressure Controls we provide a variety of Wireline tools for domestic and international wireline operations

Which Wireline Tools are Available at Western Pressure Controls?

At Western Pressure Controls, we offer a variety of wireline tools and equipment to ensure both efficiency and safety:

  • Shifting tools
  • Surface equipment
  • Bottom hole pressure equipment (BHP)
  • Downhole equalizing valves
  • Wireline fishing and retrieval tools
  • Down hole pack-off equipment
  • Tubing Perforators
  • Shifting tools
  • Sand bailers
  • Downhole locking mandrels
  • Oilfield completion equipment
  • Pulling tools
  • Running tools
  • Wireline tool string and weight bar
  • Testing equipment
  • Flanges
  • Crossover couplings & Tubing tools

Why Choose Wireline Tools from Western Pressure Controls?

At Western Pressure Controls we offer top quality products to our clients around the world, with over 45 years in the business we know what it takes to make a long lasting and reliable product. Our customer support team is experienced in field application and manufacturing protocol, and are happy to answer any questions to help you build your business.

For more information about our wireline tools, get in touch with our knowledgeable staff today. We look forward to helping you improve your business.