Western Pressure Controls is a leading national and international manufacturer of wireline tools and design. Our innovative downhole equipment products are designed with great care and precision, with the end goal of improving your business. We offer a variety of running tools made from only the strongest, most durable materials in many different styles.

First, what is Downhole Equipment?

Downhole tools are used to carry out well completion processes and to examine certain properties in the reservoir, like rock, liquid, and sand, by bringing out a sample above ground. These tools are especially reliable in harsh weather and high pressure conditions.

Downhole equipment can perform several operations, including fishing out any leftover tools from the well, measuring the depth of the well, repairing and performing cementing and well casing operations, and improving the flow of liquid.

Downhole Equipment Offered by Western Pressure Control

Otis Style

R-Line Running Tool

This service tool is used to run and set R and RN locking mandrels. Specifications are available on request.

X-Line Running Tool

Similar to the R-line running tool, this tool is used to run and set X and XN locking mandrels. Specifications are also available upon request.

Baker Style

C-1 Running Tools

This tool’s purpose is to run and set Baker-style W, Z, and S plugs and chokes into three designated profiles down the wellbore. Multiple No-Go ring diameters are available upon request.

Collar Stop Running Tools

This simple tool is comprised of only one piece and is used while running collar stops into position. Once the tubing collar is located at the required depth, this easy-to-locate tool is pulled upwards through the collar, then set down to engage the legs in the collar gap, and jarred down to release.

At Western Pressure Controls, we offer only the best quality running tools and other downhole equipment. For more information about our products, get in touch with our staff today.