The connection between the interior of a well and the outside, surface equipment is essential for any wireline worksite. Surface equipment is designed to keep workers safe and keep resource extraction as efficient and hazard-free as possible. At Western Pressure Control, we recognize the importance of high-quality equipment to a safe and efficient wireline site, which is why we offer some of the most innovative surface equipment available in the industry today. Here is some more information about the best surface equipment from Western Pressure Control.

Bleed Off / Purge Sub

Used on the top joint of the lubricator, this two-in-one tool acts as a Nitrogen sub to pressurize and choke off any harmful gasses from escaping the lubricator, which prevents fires and explosive chemicals reactions. This surface tool can also be attached to the bottom of the lubricator to prevent gasses from traveling to the tank and vessel.

Lifting Cap

This piece of surface equipment is used to secure the wellhead and gauge pressure overnight. The lifting cap can also be used to lift other piece of surface equipment, such as wireline valves, flow tees and bleed off subs, on to the wellhead. It can also be used to lift other tools and equipment that aren’t easily accessible.

3 Inch Wireline Valve

When the wireline is still connected to tools in the wellbore, the wireline valve from Western Pressure Control is used to equalize pressure to the lubricator. This allows you to slowly restrict gasses from the lubricator without releasing gasses into the atmosphere. Our wireline valve comes in a blue Teflon coating as well as a nickel coating which is available upon request.

At Western Pressure Control, we recognize that safety and efficiency are the number one priorities of any wireline operator. That’s why we offer the highest quality and most innovative surface equipment to keep your worksite functioning as smoothly and safely as possible. For more information about our line of the latest wireline tools and equipment, contact us today at Western Pressure Control.