Western Pressure Controls offers top-notch packoff equipment, guaranteed to last. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, we serve the wireline community around the world, providing unique and durable products. With experience in both manufacturing protocol and field application, our customer support team has the expert knowledge to advise you on which packoff equipment best suits your individual needs.

What Is Packoff Equipment?

Packoff equipment consists of elastic and flexible housing and sealing elements used to seal irregular surfaces, like wirelines. Western Pressure Controls offers two kinds of packoff tools:


This tool is designed to isolate the well pressure and is primarily used in deteriorated or damaged tubing where a stand-alone or conventional plug cannot be used. The 1-1/2” tool uses locking segments rather than a shear pin.


Unlike other configurations, which are commonly used in conjunction with a bumper spring attached above, the “G” element of this tool has many applications. It is typically used for a plunger-lift style configuration, which allows the wireline to set and unset the bumper spring platform allowing the tool to be moved up and down the wellbore as production of fluid increases or decreases. The tool is available in several configurations upon request.

Packoff equipment is often used in harsh, testing environments. For this reason, it’s crucial all packoff tools are manufactured with only top-quality materials. At Western Pressure Controls, we provide long-lasting products you can trust. For more information about our packoff equipment, or to speak with one of our experts, contact us today.