Pulling tools are vital to the continued success and safety of any wireline worksite. Pulling tools are wireline service tools designed with the aim of retrieving devices below the service of the wellbore. Any tool that is dealing directly with the well is of utmost importance to safety, efficiency, and performance at your worksite. There are a variety of options available to oil and gas workers, and we at Western Pressure Controls value our ability to provide clients with the best and most secure pulling tools. Our pulling tools are offered in two styles: Camco-style and Otis-style.

Below are some of the available pulling tools from Western Pressure Controls:

Camco-style Tools

The JD-pulling tool : a jar down pulling tool. It is used to both set and retrieve pulling necks from the wellbore. It is a 2.5’’ pulling tool and further specifications are available upon request.

– JU-Pulling Tool : The JU-pulling tool is another 2.5’’ pulling tool, similar to the JD-pulling tool. The JU is a jar up pulling tool which can also be used to set and retrieve pulling necks from down the wellbore. Specifications are available on request from Western Pressure Controls.

Otis-style Tools

-GS-Pulling Tool : The GS-pulling tool is designed to retrieve tools with an internal fishneck. It is a 2.5’’ assembly tool available to hold fisheck and shaft in position relative to shear sub to add shear pin.

-R-Pulling Tool : The R-pulling tool is a 2’’ jar up pulling tool, which can be used to either set or retrieve pulling necks.

-S-Pulling Tool : Similar to the R-pulling tool, the S-pulling tool is a jar down shear pulling tool. At 2’’ it can set or retrieve subsurface tools from the wellbore.

Specifications for both the R and S-pulling tools are available upon request from Western Pressure Controls.

Further to these wireline devices, we also offer bells for pulling tools. Bells are used as an attachment to pre-threaded pulling tools enabling the pulling tool to centralize and locate on fishneck of equipment being retrieved. They are often used in larger diameter tubing or deviated wells. There are a variety of sizes available to correspond to each model and size of pulling tool.

We at Western Pressure Controls recognize that safety and efficiency go hand in hand on all wireline worksites. That is why we are proud to provide the very best pulling tools to all oil and gas workers. For more information on pulling tools or any of the services we offer, contact us today at Western Pressure Controls.