Western Pressure Controls provides some of the highest quality BHP Equipment on the market today. If you are in the wireline tool business, BHP equipment is crucial to your operation.

Here are some BHP accessories offered at Western Pressure Controls:


This tool is used to provide a protective housing against vibrations, fluids, and corrosive elements for downhole equipment. It is offered in the standard 60″ length although specific lengths and thread connections are available upon request. If required, the bullet nose can be replaced with a thread connection.

Collar Stops

This tool provides a solid footing and anchor in tubing. Its legs are held in place by the trip wires and released when jarred upwards. Jarring downwards will set the collar stop and release the running tool. This tool is wireline retrievable.

Hold Downs (No-Blows)

The purpose of this tool is to prevent the instrument carrier from being pushed up the well by a sudden burst of gas, fluid or debris. Cam pin #8 is sold on the assembly with cam #7.

J-Unlatching Tool

This tool is designed to set instrumentation into the well bore in conjunction with a WPC “J” unlatch head fishneck. This process is done at a pre-determined depth without having to jar to release.


Used in conjunction with the J-unlatch running tool, the J-head tool lands recording instrumentation and other equipment in the well using a shear-type running tool. This eliminates the need for jarring action to release equipment.

No-Go Darts

These flute darts are commonly used as platforms to set on profile nipples. Recorders and other instrumentation are then set on the platform. This tool is available in gauge-ring and non-threaded fishneck styles.

Tubing Stops

The tubing stop has numerous wireline applications. It can be used like a flute dart and serve as a platform for recorders and other instrumentation, or to secure equalizing equipment. These are also available with ratchet locking bodies to ensure no premature unsettling that might be caused by flow or vibration.

This tool is available in a ratchet-style locking body, or a BKO sleeve for baker-style lock bodies.

At Western Pressure Controls, we ensure the highest quality in wireline tools and equipment, both domestically and internationally. For more information, or to speak with a trusted professional, contact us today.