Bailers are essential to the proper functioning of wirelines and, thus, to the safety of any wireline worksite. Western Pressure Control is dedicated to providing oil and gas workers with the safest and most effective methods of debris and sand removal. That is why we offer a variety of bailer designs to better serve our customers. Below is some information about the bailers available from Western Pressure Control

Dump Bailer

This piece of equipment is used to dump fluids down the well on top of any device or blockage. As a gravity-activated system, a dump bailer can eliminate the need for explosives in certain situations, improving safety at your worksite. It can be used to dump almost cement to allow for greater disparity in pressure. The shear disc is available in glass, brass and steel. Baiter volume is available upon request.

Hydrostatic bailer

A hydrostatic bailer is needed to remove sand or other debris surrounding a subservice device. The hydrostatic bailer uses a pressure chamber. This creates a vacuum, and when the shear pin is released, the debris is bailed. Please contact us for more information and specific needs regarding size, all available upon request.

Stroke bailer (sand pump bailer)

A stroke bailer, also known as a sand pump bailer, is used to remove debris from down the wellbore. Stroke bailers are ideal for wells with low levels of fluid, but can also be implemented with hydrostatic columns. A stroke bailer is a good choice for when a simple, sturdy design is needed.
Safety is paramount to all oil and workers, and to us at Western Pressure Control. That is why we offer a range of debris removal options and bailers. Our full line of products are designed to ensure the most efficient and accurate running of all wirelines. For more information and to access our full catalogue, contact Western Pressure Control today.