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Western Pressure controls Testing Equipment

Get the Best Shifting Tools from Western Pressure Controls

Since 1972, Western Pressure Controls has proudly served both the domestic and international wireline tool community. We are always excited to help customers create, design, and develop new innovations. When it comes to shifting tools, you can expect nothing but the best products from Western Pressure Controls.

What Are Shifting Tools?

Positioning or shifting tools are used to shift or close the position of flow circulation devices in the wellbore. Most shifting tools are prepared with a specific model of sliding sleeve.

Shifting Tools Are Offered at Western Pressure Controls


D2-Shifting Tool: The purpose of this tool is to shift “L” shaped sleeves in a controlled and selected manner. It should be run upright to open sleeves and in the inverted position to closed sleeves. For this tool to function effectively, the dimension from the bottom of the collet bump to the bottom of the retractor must be precise when assembled.


B-Shifting Tool: This tool opens and closes the sliding sleeve and shifts tubing release subs. It is available with an anti-shear ring to lock the tool in a running position, and in a Heavy-Duty B-shifting tool style. More information about this product is available upon request.

BO-Shifting Tool: The purpose of this tool is to selectively locate and shift sliding sleeves in the case of multiple SSDs in a wellbore. It is run into the wellbore past the desired sleeve and pulled up through the sleeve to engage the keys into the shift position. Specifications for this tool are available upon request.

X-Selective Shifting Tool: This tool is designed to shift any of the downhole sleeves in one direction without disturbing other sleeves in the wellbore. Specifications are available upon request.

The Benefits of Shifting Tools from Western Pressure Controls

  • Experienced customer support in field application and manufacturing protocol
  • Custom machining to suit individual customer specifications
  • Reliable products designed with top quality materials
  • Committed to building businesses and improving the industry standard

At Western Pressure Controls, we carry a complete line of wireline tools and products. For more information about shifting tools from Western Pressure Controls, get in touch with our staff today.

Western Pressure controls Testing Equipment

Top Quality Running Tools from Western Pressure Control

Western Pressure Controls is a leading national and international manufacturer of wireline tools and design. Our innovative downhole equipment products are designed with great care and precision, with the end goal of improving your business. We offer a variety of running tools made from only the strongest, most durable materials in many different styles.

First, what is Downhole Equipment?

Downhole tools are used to carry out well completion processes and to examine certain properties in the reservoir, like rock, liquid, and sand, by bringing out a sample above ground. These tools are especially reliable in harsh weather and high pressure conditions.

Downhole equipment can perform several operations, including fishing out any leftover tools from the well, measuring the depth of the well, repairing and performing cementing and well casing operations, and improving the flow of liquid.

Downhole Equipment Offered by Western Pressure Control

Otis Style

R-Line Running Tool

This service tool is used to run and set R and RN locking mandrels. Specifications are available on request.

X-Line Running Tool

Similar to the R-line running tool, this tool is used to run and set X and XN locking mandrels. Specifications are also available upon request.

Baker Style

C-1 Running Tools

This tool’s purpose is to run and set Baker-style W, Z, and S plugs and chokes into three designated profiles down the wellbore. Multiple No-Go ring diameters are available upon request.

Collar Stop Running Tools

This simple tool is comprised of only one piece and is used while running collar stops into position. Once the tubing collar is located at the required depth, this easy-to-locate tool is pulled upwards through the collar, then set down to engage the legs in the collar gap, and jarred down to release.

At Western Pressure Controls, we offer only the best quality running tools and other downhole equipment. For more information about our products, get in touch with our staff today.


Western Pressure controls Testing Equipment

Surface Equipment from Western Pressure Controls

At Western Pressure Controls, we offer a variety of surface equipment for the wireline community, both domestic and internationally. Here are some of the best surface equipment tools on the market from Western Pressure Controls:

Bleed Off/ Purge Sub

This tool is typically used at either the top joint of the lubricator as a Nitrogen sub to pressurize and eliminate the presence of dangerous or flammable gases contained in the lubricator, or as a bleed off sub at the bottom of the lubricator to bleed off gasses to the vessel or tank. This tool can take up to 5,000 psi working pressure, with single or dual ½” npt ports.

Night Cap/Lifting Cap

This tool is designed to secure the wellhead over night and gauge pressures, and used to lift surface equipment into place on the wellhead and other equipment that may not be easily accessed. This tool can withstand up to 5,000 psi working pressure, contains a ½” npt bleed port, and N.A.C.E. spec.

Pump-in Sub

The pump-in sub is used for injection of bleed-off fluids or pressure in a well. Part #2 of this tool can be modified to fit the customer’s specifications. This tool can withstand up to 5,000 psi working pressure, contains a ½” npt bleed port, N.A.C.E. spec, and 4 3/4” TPI connections.

3” Wireline Valve – Manual and Hydraulic

This tool is designed to equalize and isolate pressure to the lubricator with the wireline still connected to tools in the wellbore, allowing the operator to bleed off the lubricator without releasing well gases into the atmosphere and allowing access to the wireline contained in the lubricator. The standard coating for this tool is Teflon, and nickel coating is available upon request.

Line Oiler

This tool can be used to treat wireline and corrosion inhibitors to protect against H2S or CO2 corrosion. Inserts are available in brass, nylon, or aluminum bronze.


The lubricator houses the wireline toolstring and contains pressure during wireline operations. It is available in multiple lengths with bleed-off subs. This tool is available in multiple lengths with a bleed-off sub.

 10” and 16” Stuffing Boxes

These tools provide a guide to allow the wireline into the lubricator and into the well while maintaining the pressure. It is available with a manual tensioner instead of a hydraulic packoff above the packing.

Wellhead Heaves (Hay Pulley)

This tool redirects the wireline to the stuffing box sheave and provides a guide for the wireline. The 16” hay pulley is available with a quick release safety hook in place of the clevis upon request. It is pull-tested to meet and exceed industry standards.

Wellhead Swedges

These tools are designed to crossover wellhead surface equipment. It has multiple specifications and can withstand up to 5000 psi.

At Western Pressure Controls, we serve wireline communities around the world. If you have any further questions about our locking mandrel products, or would like to request a product, get in touch today. Our professionals are happy to help.