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Western Pressure controls Testing Equipment

Equalizing Assemblies

Equalizing assemblies can be used in conjunction with lock mandrels to assure optimal subsurface flow and pressure control down the wellbore on wireline worksites. Pressure control is one of the most important factors of maintaining a productive and safe wireline site. Western Pressure Controls understands the needs of oil and gas workers, and those looking to ensure the long-term safety of the industry. That is why we offer a variety of equalizing assemblies, in two styles, to suit the specifics of any wireline site.

Our equalizing assemblies come in two styles: Baker and Otis.

Baker-style Equalizing Assemblies

B-choke assemblies
B-choke assemblies are used to provide restriction of flow in gas wells, and to control and eliminate hydrates or sand bridges from far along up the well. Our b-choke assemblies are available with choke beans. You can also choose back-up rings instead of the standard o-rings. As is required, they are available in different no-go sizes.

G-equalizing assemblies
When required to hold pressure from both above and below, this blanking tool could be the right choice, when assembled with the S, W, or Z lock (depending on what type of landing profile the plug is to be set into). This tool comes with two types of fishneck prongs: one suitable for W and Z locks, the other for S locks. The standard packing is nitrile Kevlar, but other types are available upon request.

Otis-style Equalizing Assemblies

A-choke assembly
When used in conjunction with the x/xn locks, this assembly allows for limiting flow to a predetermined quantity, while maintaining the option for pumping down the tubing, if required. The choke bores on this assembly are drilled to your specifications.

X-equalizing assembly
Attached to an X or XN locking mandrel, the px-equalizing assembly allows for pressure differentials to be held above or above. This assembles with the corresponding size of lock needed; parts 1 and 2 are interchangeable.

T-choke assembly
This assembly allows for continuous flow upwards at a controlled rate. With the t-choke assembly, you retain the ability to pump down the wellbore. Additionally, kobes plugs are available with this assembly in the case of a restricted orifice.

We welcome questions about these products, or any other aspect of wireline worksite production. We are available every day for up-to-date quotes and rental rates. Please contact Western Pressure Control

Western Pressure controls Testing Equipment

Bailers from Western Pressure Control

Bailers are essential to the proper functioning of wirelines and, thus, to the safety of any wireline worksite. Western Pressure Control is dedicated to providing oil and gas workers with the safest and most effective methods of debris and sand removal. That is why we offer a variety of bailer designs to better serve our customers. Below is some information about the bailers available from Western Pressure Control

Dump Bailer

This piece of equipment is used to dump fluids down the well on top of any device or blockage. As a gravity-activated system, a dump bailer can eliminate the need for explosives in certain situations, improving safety at your worksite. It can be used to dump almost cement to allow for greater disparity in pressure. The shear disc is available in glass, brass and steel. Baiter volume is available upon request.

Hydrostatic bailer

A hydrostatic bailer is needed to remove sand or other debris surrounding a subservice device. The hydrostatic bailer uses a pressure chamber. This creates a vacuum, and when the shear pin is released, the debris is bailed. Please contact us for more information and specific needs regarding size, all available upon request.

Stroke bailer (sand pump bailer)

A stroke bailer, also known as a sand pump bailer, is used to remove debris from down the wellbore. Stroke bailers are ideal for wells with low levels of fluid, but can also be implemented with hydrostatic columns. A stroke bailer is a good choice for when a simple, sturdy design is needed.
Safety is paramount to all oil and workers, and to us at Western Pressure Control. That is why we offer a range of debris removal options and bailers. Our full line of products are designed to ensure the most efficient and accurate running of all wirelines. For more information and to access our full catalogue, contact Western Pressure Control today.

Western Pressure controls Testing Equipment

Pulling Tools from Western Pressure Controls

Pulling tools are vital to the continued success and safety of any wireline worksite. Pulling tools are wireline service tools designed with the aim of retrieving devices below the service of the wellbore. Any tool that is dealing directly with the well is of utmost importance to safety, efficiency, and performance at your worksite. There are a variety of options available to oil and gas workers, and we at Western Pressure Controls value our ability to provide clients with the best and most secure pulling tools. Our pulling tools are offered in two styles: Camco-style and Otis-style.

Below are some of the available pulling tools from Western Pressure Controls:

Camco-style Tools

The JD-pulling tool : a jar down pulling tool. It is used to both set and retrieve pulling necks from the wellbore. It is a 2.5’’ pulling tool and further specifications are available upon request.

– JU-Pulling Tool : The JU-pulling tool is another 2.5’’ pulling tool, similar to the JD-pulling tool. The JU is a jar up pulling tool which can also be used to set and retrieve pulling necks from down the wellbore. Specifications are available on request from Western Pressure Controls.

Otis-style Tools

-GS-Pulling Tool : The GS-pulling tool is designed to retrieve tools with an internal fishneck. It is a 2.5’’ assembly tool available to hold fisheck and shaft in position relative to shear sub to add shear pin.

-R-Pulling Tool : The R-pulling tool is a 2’’ jar up pulling tool, which can be used to either set or retrieve pulling necks.

-S-Pulling Tool : Similar to the R-pulling tool, the S-pulling tool is a jar down shear pulling tool. At 2’’ it can set or retrieve subsurface tools from the wellbore.

Specifications for both the R and S-pulling tools are available upon request from Western Pressure Controls.

Further to these wireline devices, we also offer bells for pulling tools. Bells are used as an attachment to pre-threaded pulling tools enabling the pulling tool to centralize and locate on fishneck of equipment being retrieved. They are often used in larger diameter tubing or deviated wells. There are a variety of sizes available to correspond to each model and size of pulling tool.

We at Western Pressure Controls recognize that safety and efficiency go hand in hand on all wireline worksites. That is why we are proud to provide the very best pulling tools to all oil and gas workers. For more information on pulling tools or any of the services we offer, contact us today at Western Pressure Controls.